Stan Sikorski, LPC
Real problems...
real solutions!
I'm available to help you....

With over 15 years of private practice experience in
the Atlanta area and extensive inpatient hospital
training, I feel that I bring a level of knowledge that
can address your most pressing needs, quickly and
comfortably.  I am proud to say that both clients and
fellow clinicians have praised me for being "accessible"
and "responsive."

Clients have also remarked:

"You make it easy to talk to."

"What I like about you is that you just don't listen,
but give real answers."

"You've made a big difference in my life!"

"Thank you."
This website has been designed to quickly answer your
questions about my practice so that you are better informed if
you decide to set up an appointment.

For more information, you can reach me at 404-293-9497